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What brings most people to The Gambia are the beaches, and there are plenty to choose from.

Magnificent five-star resorts that appeal to your every whim co-exist with enjoyment and busy Mediterranean-style areas chock-saturated in eateries, bars, and nightclubs. There’s also a lot of room for lazy days and long hikes along the palm-tree-lined excellent shoreline.  Just take your pick.  But there is a lot more to Africa’s tiniest region.

Surrounded by all factors by Senegal, The Gambia is home to nature reserves, wonderful fishing villages, and numerous historical servant trade programs worth exploring. If you’re a bird lover, it’s impossible that you haven’t seen this place as you can spot more than 100 birdwatching on a single river cruise. One of the best areas about The Gambia is the range of time adventures.

The Gambia is the smallest place in mainland Africa and has many different tourist locations which are worth sightseeing. The Gambia provides a wide selection of tourist adventures and attractions including land-based excursions and river trips. In the Gambia, tourists may also discover nature reserves, wonderful fishing villages, and also some historical servant trade programs worth a sightseeing tour.

1. Abuko Nature Reserve

Created in the early 20th century to safeguard a water series stage for regional areas, Abuko Character Arrange is The Gambia’s first reserve – shaped in the 1960s.

That place is rich in Gambian wildlife and has become the most visited tourist interest in the country – with over 33,000 visitors each year. Conservation attempts are ongoing in this 260-acre reserve with three primate species here in addition to antelope, porcupine, African side civets, crocodiles, galagos, and almost 300 bird species.

A great fact about Abuko is that it’s the best tropical forest in Europe.

abuko reserve
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2. Banjul

The capital of The Gambia is Banjul.  It is a dock city on Saint Mary’s Island.

Named Bathurst following the Secretary of State for the English Colonies, Banjul is the federal government seat for the country. For whatever reason, many tourists don’t give Banjul a second glance. But with the busy harbor, rich record, colonial structure, and downtown industry, there is plenty to enjoy about the city.

Enjoy the road hawkers from Senegal and Guinea and the shop owners packed into previous colonial trading housing all developing a disorderly vibrancy in the commercial district. Be on the lookout for the original printing housing manufactured from bamboo and usually held by poor people farmers of the island.

Banjul Gambia
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3. Old Town in the Gambia

Mind toward wide and welcoming Ma Cumba Jallow Road just west of the ferry terminal in Banjul. And you’ll find an uncontrollable choice of diminishing colonial buildings and standard Krio-style clapboard homes.

This is Previous City, which seems incredibly like Freetown in Sierra Leone due to the many Freetown individuals who resolved here in the early 19th century.

There are lots of records to admire as you walk through this amazing area of the city.

Old Town
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4. Bijilo Forest Park in Gambia

Bijilo Forest Park, or Horse Park, is located in the coastal region, just 11km from Banjul.

It is a small reserve, relatively talking, and is just a stage of pride for regional locals. The paths listed below are properly maintained and get you through very rich flora, a gallery forest, lawn, and minimal bush, on the way to the dunes. The three primate species will be the red colobus, vervet, and patas.

Tourists are encouraged to not supply the monkeys as they could get pretty cheeky. Bird lovers will like the more than 100 species found in the park including osprey, bee-eaters, and francolin. The reviews appear to be consistent:  a charming reserve that everyone else falls in enjoy with.

Bijilo Forest Park
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5. Gambia Brufut Beach

Sitting involving the Kombo South Section and the Atlantic Sea will be the Brufut resort and village. Only 23km from Banjul the seaside itself has marvelous fantastic mud and lots of privacy. To attain the seaside you have to rise down the cliffs, using paths that are calm and high in places.

After you have come and secured your spot you’ll observe fishermen and women sparring fish, and correcting nets. And waiting for a big change in wave to take them straight back on the water again. Since it’s so uncrowded, it’s great for everything – sunbathing, water sports, hikes along the mud, and cycling. Visit regional Sannah-Mentoring, a holy pilgrimage website for Gambian Muslims dreaming about a blessing.

brufut beach
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6. Sanyang Village and Beach

This can be a tired seaside village of about 7,000 persons made up mostly of Wolof, Mandinka, Fula, and Jola tribes.  Xiangyang Seaside, which is made up of Paradise, Osprey, and Pelican beaches, is considered by many to be the very best beachfront in most of The Gambia. It was a favorite interest well before the tourist trail built its way there and has a long expansion of remote shore, surrounded by mangroves and lagoons.

Perfect for those who would like to get away from the crowds. The main economy is fishing and as such, there is an excellent fish industry in the village. Therefore it is also perfect for people seeing and conference the locals. As an advantage, the area has many shaded footpaths for nature trekking.

Sanyang Beach
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7. National Museum of Gambia

Once the white just Bathurst Club, this historical development now properties the National Memorial of Gambia.

You’ll find a wide variety of demonstrates and exhibits here, including standard Gambian living, the colonial record of Bathurst, information on the Senegambia rock circle websites, music, and dance.

Though it is small, the museum is properly planned to show the rich lifestyle of this amazing country. You won’t be able to miss out on the large Kankurang mask hanging in however hall. That powerful routine mask is throughout rites of passage and coming of age.

National Museum of The Gambia
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8. Wassu Stone Circles

Situated in the Key Stream Region, these groups are thought to be the burial websites of historical leaders and chiefs. Old to 750-1000 AD, the rocks and styles range from 4-6 meters in length, with everywhere from twenty to 20 rocks each.

Each rock possesses an average level of six feet and many tourists and archaeologists have been bewildered over their roots and correct meaning. Though the greatest concentration of rock groups is in the Wassu place, you will find countless groups throughout the country.

Stated a UNESCO Earth Heritage Site in 2006, the regional story has it that when anyone disturbs the rocks they’ll be cursed – a great hint why they’ve stayed undisturbed for so long.

wassu stone cirlces The Gambia
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9. The Kachikally Crocodile Pool

Sitting on nine acres in Bakau Previous City could be the Kachikally Crocodile Pool. People believe in the therapeutic forces of the water and it’s a favorite position ahead for a blessing. There are about 80 crocodiles that contact the shared home and an awesome dozen are generally instantly obvious when you arrive. Also on the site are an ethnography museum, souvenir shop, café, and nature trail.

bakau katchikally crocodile
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10. Makasutu Culture Forest

This can be an individual woodland reserve dedicated to ecotourism in the Kombo Key District. With over 1,000 acres, the protected place is just an excellent forest of riverine, side and wood woods, mangrove creeks, sodium apartments, and savanna.

In the 1990s two Britons stepped in and began conservation attempts on this almost bare forest. That holy area has become a favorite time excursion that provides visitors an opportunity to see one of the very most beautiful forested areas in The Gambia.

Makasutu Culture Forest
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11. The Gambia River

There’s a favorite quote that assists to explain the relationship between the country and the river: “The Gambia Stream could be the Gambia and the Gambia could be the river Gambia”. The country exists as two strips of area on each side of the river and it’s certainly the rule feature of the country. It’s become a favorite tourist location in addition to Senegal and Guinea. A riverboat sail brings you intriguing wildlife, historical servant trade programs, and beautiful countryside.

the gambia

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The Gambia is a country with great beautiful tourist locations wherever visitors choose for discovering and sightseeing purposes. These sightseeing locations include the Kachikally crocodile share, Kotu seaside, and Albert industry. The national museum is in addition to the Abuko nature reserve. Schedule a sightseeing tour of this great African place and visit many intriguing locations during your tour.

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